Gaeilge Locha Riach Committee

The Committee

Gaeilge Locha Riach is an Irish language organization that works to promote the Irish language and the life of Irish language speakers in Loughrea and East County Galway.

An Irish Language Network has been established in Loughrea for the past few years, an Irish Language Network being an area that has achieved critical mass in terms of public and state support for the language, and is an area where a language plan is in place.

It is vital that Gaeilge Locha Riach has a strong committee to achieve the goals as set out in the plan and that this is done in partnership with the community in such a way that the ownership of the Irish language in the area will be extended as far as possible. To achieve this goal, Gaeilge Locha Riach is looking for people to join the Gaeilge Locha Riach committee.

If you speak Irish and are interested in participating in the promotion of Irish in the area, you can express your interest, or get more information, by filling in the form below:

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